AI for investment

There are only a little more than 3 thousand public blockchain tokens openly traded today. Many of them have online communities where interactions of the community can be directly observed and analyzed. This gives us confidence that unique characteristics of each project can be detected and summarized, some remarkable ideas and initiatives can be discovered at the nascent stage of their formulations. Right now, we believe at least some of them are well worth the effort to find and invest in.

Despite the mere thousands of tokens existing, we would like to believe that there would be exponentially more tokens in the future. Public blockchain and cryptography technologies have the potential to allow contributors to online open projects to capture the value they have created. This allows a new kind of economy that runs on the condensation of abstract knowledge into code and data. The web will probably become better and better at incentivizing both men and machines to perform increasingly complex tasks that require ever more cooperation.

In 2017 and 2018, we had seen rampant speculation that exposed all the weaknesses that came with a completely unregulated fundraising instrument in the form of ICO. We see the market became extremely gullible and many people take advantage of that. However, markets will eventually mature and grow smarter as time passes. We can speed the process up by introducing tools and methods to make it easier for honest investors to conduct due diligence and discover anomalies and risks.

Public blockchain and cryptography technologies have the potential to assetize knowledge hidden in code and data. We foresee a a thriving token based web that is the basis for a new kind of economy that is more about creativity in discovering meaningful knowledge and applying them through the incentivizing of decentralized agents, both men and machines.

Meanwhile, we have seen the rampant speculation, the fraud in the wild west of ICO and the mania of the crowd giving their money public token projects without even the least amount of due diligence.

Before 2018, I thought the only way forward was for the entire market to evolve and grow smarter so that the bad projects will be squeezed out of the market. However, for token to be really useful, adoption needs to speed up, and the market participant needs to have better information about the projects. Luckily token projects have much more information than conventional start-ups because of the open source culture they inherited from Bitcoin.

Using technologies such as NLP, knowledge graph, and open source processes, we are able to mine a continuous flow of meaningful knowledge and insights from both public and private data. Therefore we can significantly lower the cost required to conduct proper due diligence for investors and researchers and speed up the evolution of the token market.

Public blockchain token is all about consensus and governance, a place where people, regardless of nation and regardless of background, can come together and build an economic system where their passion and creativity can be captured in economic mediums, tokens. We strive to provide the best tools to help the market discover these projects.

At X-Order, we invest in creative people and we invest in knowledge creation technologies.

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