Our team is a mix of pros and rooks in the token world (and the gaming world). There are a lot of funny paradoxes like a cat loving person deathly allergic to cat in our team, but one thing we all share is our belief that the future is right in front of us. We must grab it and bring it to the present.

We have made some very cool investments and have been rewarded with handsome returns. We hope to repeat our successes and hope you could also succeed with us!

Tony Tao
Nathan Chen
Strategy Lead
Yuyi Wang
Research Lead
Li Zeng
Data Scientist
Frank Wang
BD Lead

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The Year 2028.

We've been at it for more than 21 years, and we're just getting started.

We started in March 2018, when public blockchain was still the new thing and heavily hyped. Later that year, many people left the field because there was no longer any short term killings to be made from ICOs. On the other hand, some of us were starting to understand the potential of digital asset creation, so we came together to explore that future and help others see it. We didn’t realize then how big of a gamble it was, but we were learning just a bit faster than the rest of the world. Initially we were heavily involved in investment and trading in the token market, but from the start we were also very keen on research because we wanted to answer questions such as “Why Bitcoin came to be, and why now?” We always had this idea that if the people in the market has access to better tools for due diligence and discovery of projects then the good projects would quickly push the bad ones out of the market. So we started working on a data platform where we would aggregate any available data about any projects and mine knowledge from it. It took awhile but when we were done we made it publicly available so anyone could gain access to it and help compile the database. Slowly but surely, the token world evolved, and we with it. The explosion of intangibles such as algorithms and data made it apparent that blockchain was the ground zero for a whole new set of businesses and required a different way of thinking. One day, we found ourselves becoming a comprehensive digital asset intelligence firm.

We educate the investing public and work with clients with all sorts of needs, and steadily we acquired a name for creating irreplaceable toolset and most importantly a open platform for people to build on and contribute to. We have worked on each level of the research-innovation-investment structure and helped grow some of the most successful blockchain token projects.

Maybe this is how the future might play out, or maybe not. We aren’t sure what will happen in the future, but we look forward to it and are determined to stick with the trajectory that the world of blockchain token is moving towards.

Almost everyone has a Nintendo Switch.
Almost everyone has a Nintendo Switch.
Almost everyone has a Nintendo Switch.
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