We explore the hidden orders behind socio-technological shifts, and create new theories for the better understanding of our world.
What We Do at X-Order Lab...
Foster an Open Environment for Innovation
We believe a highly scalable innovation system that is extremely empowering for innovators around the world exists. By hosting open innovation challenges that have meaningful incentives and growing a community of innovators and original thinker, we seek to find the path to it.
Support Open Research Collaboration
We are absolutely determined to kick down the walls pigeonholing academic researches into extremely narrow focus. Great research can be both deep and broad and can come from all sorts of places, not just academic institutions.
Discover Emergent Social Shifts
Important questions will inevitably have a significant impact on the world around us. They can change the very social fabrics around us and challenge us to answer them. Our research seeks to flesh out these important questions such as privacy invasion and discover the emergent social shifts like gig economy that arise as responses to them.
Enhancing Human Cooperation with Machine
Human has uniquely capable but highly limited attention resource. Imagine what an army of bots can do under the guidance of a single person. We wish to enhance human creativity with the attention resource of machines, one person in the future can do the job of hundreds today. This will create tremendous demand for completely new inventions and push our world to a higher plane of existence.
Technology Transfer
People who have better understandings of where our world is going have better chances to leverage the emerging future technology stacks to solve important problems. We educate through our research and encourage its applications.